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02-10-2014:  145th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated and later on 'CLEANLINESS OATH' under 'SWACHH BHARAT MISSION' has been taken at Hosapete City Municipal Council by the Hon'ble President Smt. Kanne Uma Devi,   Commissioner Sri. Mohammed Muneer,  and other Councilors & staff present during the occassion.




  • City Municipal Council, Hosapete is one of the major and fast growing cities in Bellary Dist.
  •  The Town Municipal Council (TMC) Hosapete was constituted in 25/01/1913 and upgraded to City Municipal Council (CMC) on 22/02/1954.
  •  The City Municipal Council Hosapete has 35 wards and equal number of councilors.
  •  The area of City Municipal Council, Hosapete estretches to 50.92 Sq Kms.
  • The total population of the city is 206167 lakhs.
  •  The total length of the roads increased to 415 kms.
  •  Hosapete is famous for its close proximity to Hampi, the famous site of the great Vijayanagar kingdom.
  •  Located about 13 km from Hampi and about 350 km from Bangalore and known as the gateway to Hampi.
  •  Another major attraction near Hosapete is holy town of Harihara, situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River.
  • The pilgrims believe that the dip in the river here will cleanse them of the sins because of an association between Lord Vishnu and the Tungabhadra  River.


Online Service:

1. Birth and Death certificates are issued through online application.

2. GIS Property Tax based system is made online.

3. 24/7 Public greavences redressal cell is opened, citizen can register complaints online.

4. Sakala Five services implemented.

5. E Procurement application is used for online tender process.



 public Notification on Dengue Fever:

Information about Dengue Fever:

SWM Vehicle Details:


Properties within Hosapete  CMC limits have been identified & details have been collected & all properties are Computerised.Cititizens can view their property details below link.



Public Grievance Redressal Cell has been opened in the office premises for the effective redressal of public complaints. . Public can register their complaints over the phone, writing letter or through online. Telephone No: 08394-224020  and  at official website is 



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